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Interview with ArtebyFina

I had the pleasure interviewing, Fina, she is an amazing photographer. I was very excited to discuss her journey becoming a photographer, where she finds her inspiration, advice she shares for anyone who may be a beginner wanting to pursue photography and many more!


Q: Can you tell us when was the moment that you knew you wanted to pursue photography?

Fina: I'd say that I always knew that I wanted todo something that requires documenting moments, but I would also have to say taking my friends engagement photos so that's when I was like, "okay, I'm in my element, this is what I am meant to be doing." Cause it felt natural to me, so yeah I would say that was five years ago. (laughs)

Q: That's awesome! That is amazing! Where does your inspiration come from when your taking photos?

Fina: Ah man, I try to pull inspiration from everywhere. It could be something as simple as color, I love strolling through art galleries, visiting art museums, I could spend hours and hours just going through all forms of photography because that's the beauty of it and so many different realms when it comes to photography.

Q: That's beautiful and I love going to art museums as well. That's like my place too (laughs)

Fina: Yeah it's the best!

Q: I think it's very relaxing as well.

Fina: Yeah it's very relaxing you don't have to rush you could take your time and act with the art its amazing. I love that.

Q: Definitely! Is there any other photographers you consider kind of an idol or is there anyone that you look at their work and say" I love their work!"

Fina: Ah man! There's so many! But I will have to say... okay...I'm obsessed with two particular photographers and their completely different. There's one her name is Elizabeth De La Piedra, I believe she is Peruvian from Australia and does more of a lifestyle portrait editorial type photography. Then there's Brooke Shaden who is someone I stumbled upon on YouTube. She creates nothing but conceptual photography just using herself . She uses the elements around her. She creates the most simplest things and to me that's amazing because that all I care about creating with what you have and she does that. But then there's one more her name is Kimberley, I can't remember her Instagram right now, but she is very inspiring to me she does a little bit, well, she does a lot of what I do and that is creating self portraits and she creates like editorial, style self portrait all by herself ,and she always shares her process which I think is amazing because as a photographer myself I'm extremely curious how she even develop this whole idea. So yeah those are the girls I'm obsessed with right now. (laughs)

Q: That's beautiful that's amazing! Also, when it comes to techniques or equipment do you change it up or even when it comes to software for editing? The reason I ask is because I know like when maybe when were starting something and just as an example like YouTubers, when they want to film their videos they want to change up their cameras or change up their editing software that something you do as well or over time?

Fina: I would say over time, there's three types of I guess you could say gear I like to use and that is my cell phone, which is something so simple and so handy, my film camera, I think film camera gives you the opportunity to take your time and put the thought into the photo you are taking, and then digital cameras. Like I have gone through a few (laughs) just because the more you get into it the more you want to up your game so you want to perfect the quality create sharper images but I guess it all depends on what it is your trying to create but I also feel like I tell people you shouldn't rely on the gear you have if you have the idea if you already have the vision you make it work with what you have because I've had the worst I'm talking about 12 Mega pixel camera. I'm talking about my iPhone, let start there I use my iPhone to create the best images that no one would even ever think that it was created with a phone, so yeah I feel like it doesn't matter on the gear that you have it more or less the idea. Just you know having that vision, executing it, and trial and error is so important like you're not going to get everything at first as far as editing software, I started using this app called VSCO . I think it is very popular now and I relied on it heavily. Then, when I started getting more in depth with photography. I went into Light Room, it is an app, well a software from adobe and you can create amazing images all the colors you can do and so affordable you can do it on your phone if you wanted to.

Q: I was just even going to say about the part when you mentioned trial and error that is something when you want to start something well guys as in my listeners you guys want to start something you have to go through the trial and error not everything is going to be perfect like right then and there you know so you would have to figure out what works with you and not to be afraid to play around with things think the way you put it was very beautiful.

Fina: Aw! Thank you! I totally believe that I know there's been times where I've gotten extremely frustrated because this idea that I have in my mind isn't being shown in camera and I just leave it alone for a little bit and just sit on it not rush the process and think ,"okay what can I do differently" you know like I do believe that trial and error you know is so apart of the process you can't expect it to come out automatically for shot. I take hundreds of photos. (laughs) Let's just get that clear. (laughs)

Q: That is so cool! That is beautifully said how do you like as a photographer make sure the thing or person or landscape you want to shoot looks the way you want it too?

Fina: Hmm...You have to be patient because in reality you can't control things, we have to go with the flow with it. You have already an idea of how you want it to come out. It's just best to create without adding that pressure be exactly as you envision it or it have to be perfect, not everyone is going to feel comfortable with your idea. So whatever it may be you have like make sure that you're making your subject comfortable or better yet already have an idea of what you want to create and just making it work. You have to really make it work because again as far as landscapes go some days its not going to be beautiful out, some days it will be raining or cloudy. You know you really have to be patient. Even with people its true though but yeah that what I would say to that. (laughs)

Q: Did you ever face any obstacles in your journey? If so, how did you overcome them?

Fina: Now there were months that I wasn't booking any jobs and as a full time freelancer its a gamble and taken, like this pandemic. I would have to say it was a blessing in the sky's because it really gave me the opportunity to focus. I'm creating for me, not because I need to make income, you know, so it really pushed me, my creativity, and made me definitely get out of my comfort zone for sure, so being consistent even when your struggling is so important... so important because if not then your dropping the ball in the hole so yeah definitely being consistent I would say.

Q: Right absolutely! Do you have any tips for anyone who is a beginner at photography or even like just trying to start a business/ brand?

Fina: I would say not everyone will believe in your vision and that's okay. Don't let it derail you from your path or let it discourage you. If your a photographer starting out don't feel that because you don't have the latest gear that you cant produce your best work all you really need is a good eye and to be consistent.

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