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Updated: Sep 22

M: I do photography, I like to be behind the scenes, and film sets. I do modeling, not as hobby or career type of thing. I did it in case if film fails or photography fails. I would say they have all traits of the same subject. I had an idea that I’m doing the same thing I want to do. I am from upstate, (the city technically) Orange Country. I use to live two block from Dyckman. I moved up here, when I started middle school then been here since.

Q: What made you interested in photography?

M: I guess always looking at everybody's phone. I would usually look at the camera quality. The camera settings, obviously, besides how the sidekicks were. I was focused on the quality of the camera. I always filmed everybody else, I am always the one filming it. I guess, it was a hobby, it didn't click to me I wanted to do pictures. It took me a long time to realize younger me was like,"I wanted to be behind the camera". I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I always constantly look at everybody's phone and had a smaller camera ( but that broke lol). I would happen to take pictures of everyone else. As I got older, I could do photography as a career as I could pick up with the film stuff.

Q: What, in your opinion, is most important to consider while shooting portrait pictures?

M: Definitely, candid shots ... off guard pictures. It's not a say, "smile ... say cheese." From a third person, viewing from their point, it's like a natural moment. It' s not staged or fake, it's them being natural about it.

Q: Who inspires you?

M: It's weird, I feel like most people have someone, like a role model or inspired by. Obviously, I like their (other photographers) work because I like how they shoot and stuff. If I knew facts about their work I would say, “I seen this persons work and tips and ideas.” If I had to choose, it would be Film Riot and Peter Mcckiven on YouTube (teaching how to edit from whatever movie). I don’t have a top person, I don’t have a collection of everybody's work. I am going with the wind, if it doesn’t flow, I’m not sticking with that.

Q: How did you get into modeling?

M: As a kid, my cousin's dad, my uncle he would say, "my little model." I hated that... I thought that it was so girly and I was so tomboy. I would want to do soccer, karate, anything extremely girly I hated it. I felt like I made a face because I didn't like that. I was always skinny and I guess when I was doing more like front web series. I was in the front to kind of get me. I would get comfortable in the camera and they would always put me in the front. I'm like,"Why would I have to be in the front?" They know I suck at acting, but I tried it. I transitioned into modeling. Back then, you had to be my size or 5’9 . To being in the front as a thing, that was not the career I wanted to do. It’s crazy how exactly I got into it.

Also, I notice the one thing when I was dating my ex. He was the jealous type I never took pictures. If I post myself it would be a problem that slowly drift because of that. I ended up feeling like I wasn't being myself. I said, you know what I'm going to start being myself with this its casting call. It was for Brandy something ... I went to the city for the casting call, it was taking the first step with that. As I was moving with that my first photoshoot was for my friends photoshoot.

Q: What is your advice to anyone who may want to take on modeling or would like to start photography?

M: Definitely build a portfolio! Do a lot of TFT and TFP (trade for traits) doing a lot of your stuff. This is what you are promoting. Everyone should be doing their thing. The thing is with that if you don’t have a portfolio what makes you think someone is going to model that has never done it in their life. You would think that to know the basics ends up looking bad on you, like you're expecting them to pay you. Obviously, it’s an experience … don’t start charging people when you don't have experience on 'cause that looks really bad. Do a lot of free stuff to be able to show it and see if you do like that type of style modeling or photography. A lot of people don't need to do people (photos) they could take pictures buildings (for example).

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