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Say Hello to Abeyoga

A: I am 21 ... I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I moved to New York from North Carolina. Before, I moved to New York I got into yoga. I decided I wanted to teach yoga. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue yoga. I didn't want a regular 9-5, I had my run in retail jobs and restaurants. I did not like any of these jobs. I want to help people in a larger scale. I would like to become a yoga instructor in hope to enhance others and inspire others to go on healing journey with me or without me.

Q: What interests you in doing Yoga and wanting to pursue it as your own business ?

A: I feel like when I was searching for yoga online to be taught for myself and to learn more, there wasn’t many options that I found at the time or that catered to who I was, to be frank. It was very white saturated, very saturated industry ... especially Western yoga, not very much representation, color, size, race, religion, not very big women, not many men in general. If there were it was skinny, white men. I wanted to see that representation, I want to create a class all those people representing. I want the brand to represent, heal your body, and being inclusive. Yoga is so much more, it's a lifestyle, some say it's a religion, includes all peoples religion and come in, to understand that they are accepted and yoga is for everyone kind of thing.

Q: What has yoga done for you as a person?

A: I would say heal but healed isn't the right word. I feel like I'm healing even if I'm not practicing the physical part of yoga. The mind state surpassed of what I expected of myself. I had no idea where my life was going, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I felt so much pressure go to school or work. I did not know whether to save up money or stay at home for 10 years, try and master in artistry. It got to a point where I felt so called to do something... I felt in the moment when I first started when I was fleeting. I feel like a lot of people who do yoga feel the same way, it’s more total exploration and mind of others. The whole entire world including people, exploring myself helps to be compassionate. One of the biggest ways how I want to strive is how to understand myself and others ... and how to live more peacefully.

Q: You have mentioned you are building your online yoga studio, can you share a little bit more about that such as your services, etc.?

A: Right now, I'm in very beginning stages, I always remind myself and always in a rush to get the products out there. I am bit of perfectionist, I feel like I want to release to share in my own way, real in depth. I want to add into my website, I actually have a booking page I have on bootsy... On instagram, I have temporary booking until I have my offering website. There's always edits and updates on a website, to get it instantly booking with this young lady or other instructors. There is so much to think about, especially where it could go. I try to stay in the present and stay in the not and offer my services or myself at the time and both I guess.

Q: What do you feel you have felt the most challenging within your business? And how have you overcome the obstacles?

A: I feel like there's always going to be challenges no matter what in life. A big challenge for me was supporting myself, that's not like hyper independence, that's more being confident in my own abilities. It's going to be amazing no one has a mind like me and the power that I have. The biggest challenge is finding that unconditional confidence and support within myself. At times, it's going to get hard, whether or not, it's going to get hard but always have that underline foundation. No one else is going to see your vision like you, your perseverance as well, but someone can offer the same thing but if you can't give, (perseverance) that it won't get you very far… The way that I overcome those, I keep moving forward. It sounds so simple and cliche, but having that faith, mediation (practice of yoga); it is my job and it helps me. It can help me be the person I want to be, being open, and being able to experiment (like you were saying) being present, having the courage to fail. It is experimentation .... not everything is going to be right on the first try, but we have to remember ... you take what you will from the given circumstance.

Q: What are you excited about as you are starting your business? Goals for your business?

A: I am excited about so much! I don't think I would be doing it if I wasn't. I am excited ... Mostly the thing that is going to come first is the website. For people to see or have my business card handed kind of thing, especially Astroyoga! I am super, super excited what I can and will do with the concept, who I collab with, the inclusivity of my brand, having that designer line, inclusive activewear, long and thick mats for taller people, bigger water bottles. The whole thing, a bunch of different products for a bunch of people, I want to be able to reach as many people as I can. Whether they stick with me or someone else.

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