The Unstoppable RayRaks: Going Straight To The Top!

RR — Ray Raks the Raks in my name stands for, Ray’s always killing shit. I’m a 29 year old Independent Artist, coming out of every hood in NYC. My logo is the Abandon House Emoji, if you ask me why it’s because it resembles my life (beat up structure) been through a lot, but still standing. There for my crew is called BandOwayz (Owayz people use the word always everyday) I’m originally from Ozone Park, Queens. I took the word, "Always" and made my phase, Owayz -We Owayz Lit, We Owayz chasing a bag, We Owayz on everything.

Q-What got you into rap music?

RR - I’ve Owayz like to freestyle in middle school during recess with my crew ... didn’t really take it serious. I would hit the studio and record but never dropped, my brother, LexLaks ended up taking music farther. When I discovered his passion for it ... It made me go harder.

Q-How would you describe your style of music?

RR -My music style is based on what I go through or what I’ve been through. I wouldn’t just put me in any genre because I can do it all. In the words of LexLaks,“Some rappers sell music while artists sell art.“

Q-How do you put words to paper? What is your creative process like?

RR - It’s like the beats speak to me, when I hear a beat I’ll start freestyling & the words just come out. I'll know off the rip if I can kill that beat or if the beat doesn’t go with me. Best time for me to put them words on paper is when I’m alone, even recording in the studio I rather be alone no distractions straight locked in.

Q- What’s your favorite project so far, and why?

RR - I only have two tracks out right now on YouTube, BandoGods, don’t forget to subscribe.

One of the the tracks is called , On The Trenches and the other is called, Legends Never Die, tribute to the great LexLaks. When I dropped, Legends Never Die, I had a room full of 100 people that cried at the same time. That’s when I knew how powerful my words and music can be.

Q- Who are your biggest musical influences?

RR -My Biggest top 5 influencers would be Jadakiss , 50 cent, Millyz, Pop Smoke,

Tory Lanez. Those are artist that can switch up on any beat and that’s the greatest thing because if you stick to 1 flow on a song it getting boring. As entertainers, we need to mix it up and entertain the streamers/viewers.

Q-How do you see your sound evolving in the next couple of years?

RR - Well, I can only get better I want to get into Spanish music, a little Reggae, dip into a little of everything. So, my music will catch all ears and not just one genre so I’d say nothing, but power moves for my sound.

Q- What would you like to let your fans know about your upcoming projects?

RR -My mixtape I’m currently working on called, Weight 4 The TakeOver Vol. 1.

It will be a mixtape of pain music, drill music, club music, and much more. So, be on the look out for that and also I’m working for two now. Also, be on the look out for LexLaks album,

Legends Never Die ~ by The Lone wolf.

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