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Ms. Paris Danielle: CEO of Paris Danielle Collection & Content Creator

Updated: May 23

Welcome to Hustle Weekly Interview with Paris Danielle

From starting her own business to having her own YouTube channel. Ms. Paris Danielle just keeps on going and doing big things. It was such a pleasure to meet with Paris to discuss starting her own business, Paris Danielle Collection, transitioning into YouTube. Paris expresses what she does for self care and shares her goals for her business!

Can you give us a bit of a background about yourself?

PD: I am 24 years old, African American, little Jamaican. I am from Brooklyn, New York, I went to high school in Long Island, New York. I graduated in New York with my Associates, then moved to Miami, I attempted to do my B.A. I dropped out to pursue my business. From Miami I moved to New York for a year then moved to Atlanta. My birthday is November 8th and I am a Scorpio.

When was the moment that you wanted to start your own business?

PD: I am a sleepy person. Now, I like to wake up early on my own. I don't like working for people. I started doing hair ... it wasn't intentional, I started to make a wig. In 2017, I started to make money from it. Then, my dad invested in my business. As for YouTube, I always wanted to become a YouTuber, not expecting to make profit. This was way before sponsors, than the more I started to monetize.

What are some challenges that you faced as a business owner and how have you overcome those challenges?

PD: I learned that I went wrong with promoting other hair companies. It takes a lot of creativity, sometimes they don't want to see all that. Also, make sure you actually put effort, don't put out anything that you won't give 110% too.

You do have a certain amount of followers from Instagram. What would you say is key to social media? How does social media and followers play a role?

PD: Honestly, social media plays a big part in it. Say you're selling a certain product and you have half dress photos that will not have the correct buying audience. If you're already taking photos and have an audience and say, "this is what I'm doing." I will say it is easy to make money on social media, take advantage of that. It gets technical as well for small business, if you're, (I guess) between 1-100 followers for bigger brands ... If you don't have a certain amount of followers, it does become a thing on who has more followers. Also, building a relationship with your audience, that is the most important is to have relationship with your followers ... It is important!

What are key things to know or have when starting your own business or YouTube channel?

PD: Funding is everything, for someone who is literally starting from scratch. The quality, preparation, offering a product and service. These two come hand in hand, still learning behind the scenes things it is different even though being that I didn't have a 9-5. I rejected hair working with them, no help, no benefits. I would say, funding is what I would do very different. I would have more people involved. I wish for better marketing skills, reach an audience way pass your local, and everything has to make sense. Also, if you have someone to give you guidance that is successful ... look for them for advice, get information from any where, and have a team! I like to do everything alone, but you may not knowledgeable in every single thing, you may need genius brander, marketable, campaign, promotion ads. These are all very important!

After a work day, what do you like to do for self-care?

PD: I try not to burn myself out. I will go to sleep, make sure that I get a good amount of sleep. I like to get my nails done, all the grooming things, of course! I binge watch shows to get away from the world, you can go on instagram and stay on the most positive app. Besides skincare, I plan on more solo spa dates. I look forward doing the whole nine... This is just me, but I don't like to do self care unless I deserve it if I haven't done enough work I don't feel like I deserve it.

What are your goals for your business/ YouTube channel?

PD: I would like to own multiple businesses. I would like to master marketing and branding, also develop really good team ... I am working towards that. Also, to be a very big name on YouTube, I do want to have my wigs on everyone. I would like to get my face card off Alliexpress. When you see my face I would like to be known for other things, my hair company is great and of quality. I would like to disassociate myself from Alliexpress which is very beneficial, to develop my brand.

Would like to add your contact info for everyone to follow you?

YouTube: Paris Danielle

For sure, my instagram and TikTok: @parisdanielleco

Business page: Instagram @Parisdaniellecollection

Also, do promos as well!

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